“How Is The War Economy Working For You?” is a national campaign organized by Veterans For Peace. We are asking Americans to ask themselves how the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan and the expanding war in Pakistan has affected the economy at home.

Our campaign began in Detroit Michigan on June 26, 2010 at the U.S. Social Forum when a group of U.S. military veterans (VFP members) hung a large banner on the abandoned Eddystone Hotel to protest and connect the effect of war spending to our collapsing infra structure of American cities. (see story below) This action resonated so strongly within Veterans For Peace that it immediately began growing and expanding into a National Campaign connecting war spending to the collapsing U.S. economy.

Primary Goals

  • To connect the cost of the ongoing US wars with the collapsing US economy.
  • To present VFP membership and other peace organizations with a powerful and vital campaign to end the Middle East Wars by providing both the inspiration and the needed resources to run an effective grassroots campaign.
  • To recruit new membership and revitalize VFP as part of this campaign.

Check this web site for an expanding list of resources and news about our campaign along with links to other organizations working on similar campaigns. We encourage you to explore this site, utilize the resources provided here and most importantly to get out into your community and activity participate in this campaign asking the question, “How is the War Economy Working for You?”


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