Letter to the Editor on Labor Day

A letter to the editor written by Alan L. Maki in Warroad, Minnesota:

With Labor Day just around the corner, I would like to share a working class perspective with readers in the interest of dialog, discussion and debate.

The United States is the wealthiest country in the world.

This wealth created by working people is being squandered on fighting two wars, financing the Israeli killing machine and funding over 800 U.S. military bases on foreign soil protecting Wall Street’s greedy interests —instead, what we need is a public health care system of 800 primary care facilities serving as bases of support for over 30,000 neighborhood public health care centers spread out across the United States providing free health care for all Americans which would create around ten-million new, good-paying jobs with affirmative action enforced.

We wouldn’t trust a private-for-profit free enterprise system to teach our children to read and write so why would we continue to rely on this failed private-for-profit health care system? Public education provides quality education for our children and a public health care system will provide us with a world-class health care system.

As for anyone concerned about the high cost of health care; Veterans Affairs, the Indian Health Service and the National Public Health Service have all proven we get the best health care at the best price through public health care.

Elected public officials should be able to comprehend the benefits from peace and a public health care system. Look at unemployment; our country and our state need jobs, not war.

How is the war economy working for you? Does it make you sick?

Let’s talk about the politics and economics of livelihood for real change on this Labor Day.

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